Packing Tips

Expert Packing Advice

These tips will help you keep your belongings safe by packing them correctly and securely.


Proper Packing Protects Your Belongings

Here are a few general packing tips that will help safeguard your belongings during your move.

  • Start to get rid of clutter as soon as you decide to move. Discarding or donating items you no longer need will help make packing easier. For a list of organizations accepting donations, please contact Wade Odell Wade.
  • There are certain items you may need right away when you arrive at your destination, such as toiletries and cleaning items. Pack these items in a zippered tote or a clear container marked “first box” and our movers will points this carton out to you when you arrive at your destination.
  • Keep personal valuables such as jewelry and essential items such as medication with you in your personal vehicle during your move.
  • When your Wade Odell Wade estimators make a detailed inventory of your goods to be moved, review those items that will need special crates or containers, such as plasma TVs and artwork. Wade Odell Wade has crates for every needs.
  • Using the right box makes moving easier. Pack heavy items, such as books, in small boxes, and lighter items such as pillows, bedding, and towels in larger boxes.
  • Pack each box tightly. Fill empty spaces with bubble, wrap, packing paper, clothing or towels to keep items from shifting during the move.
  • Clearly label each box, listing the contents and the room it’s meant for.
  • Make sure boxes are taped securely, including seams on all sides.
  • Packing dishes vertically rather than horizontally provides better protection. Use packing paper or bubble wrap around each dish. To save space, bowls and caps can be placed inside each other with packing paper or bubble wrap in between.

For additional guidance on packing, Wade Odell Wade clients are invited
to contact their Personal Coordinator who will be happy to help.


Moving On Up

My wife and I just moved from the city into our first home. We never knew how massive a “small” move could be. We were so nervous in the beginning, but not long into the move, we became totally relaxed. The crew had it completely under control. Thanks Guys!

-Matt and Lynne Y., Ridgewood NJ

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